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Finn Wolfhard Reveals That He No Longer Wants To Star In A Marvel Film- Is This How All Of Hollywood Feels?

April 1, 20243 Mins Read

Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard was the latest actor to participate in Vanity Fair’s lie detector test interview and the young Hollywood star was asked some interesting questions about Marvel films.

In particular, Finn was asked if he had ever desired to star in an MCU film, to which the actor replied, “Yes. In the past, yes.

He then followed up to confirm that he never asked his Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire co-star Paul Rudd to put in a good word for him with Kevin Feige.

Wolfhard confirmed that he never asked because Marvel films have been “Mid” recently. 

The polygraph examiner administering the test confirmed that he was telling the truth before Wolfhard responded to another question in which he admitted that he didn’t think casting himself would save the MCU.

The Marvel questions start at the 10:00-minute mark in the video below.

These days, starring in a Marvel movie doesn’t seem to have the same luster that it once did.  Six years or so ago, there’s no telling what a young actor would be willing to do in order to land a role in the MCU.

However, recently, Kristen Stewart remarked that starring in a Marvel film, “sounds like a nightmare.

Iron Man star Gwyneth Paltrow also recently made comments that were critical of the genre, stating that there was a finite number of good superhero films that can be made before the genre becomes repetitive. 

Even Robert Downey Jr. seems to be looking down on the genre, recently thanking Christopher Nolan for casting him in Oppenheimer and restoring a sense of integrity to his career.

Is this the prevailing narrative in Hollywood at the moment, that superhero films are no longer the profile-raising gig that they once were? If so, Feige and the DCU’s James Gunn might have trouble attracting A-list talent for future projects.

Of course, if the next Avengers film proves to be another billion-dollar earner for Marvel, don’t be surprised if there’s another shift in thinking among Hollywood’s young actors.

Wolfhard’s comments are definitely putting him in the crosshairs of the fans who have remained faithful to the MCU, as they point out that he’s called Marvel films Mid while starring in Frozen Empire.

Do you agree with his comments and some of the other recent sentiments that could potentially signal that the reign of superhero films at the box office is coming to an end? Let us know in the comment section below.

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