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Hollywood Weighs Deal With AI Companies

May 30, 20242 Mins Read

Hollywood is always trying to find ways to make movies and TV for less money, and AI was so exciting to them because they thought they finally had a way to make things for less money. But they were never sure where the “less money” would come into play, as AI immediately showed it wasn’t replacing anyone anytime soon.

So Hollywood has two options here: They could go on as usual and keep an eye on the tech. Or they could work with these companies and help improve their tech while also possibly putting themselves out of business or in a sticky situation where their proprietary ideas are stolen.

It’s this decision they’re weighing right now.

Bloomberg reports that all the major studios are deciding what works for them.

There’s money to be made here. These AI companies would pay to license the stuff, but imagine seeing the things they create have a tinge of what you fed into them to make a few bucks. And imagine the lawsuits if characters or voices or stories or dialogue were pulled from these movies and TV shows and showed up in something else.

Look at how Scarlett Johansson is suing OpenAI now for copying her voice.

Now, I think this is common sense, but maybe it needs to be said aloud: Hollywood needs to come together to form some regulations before they openly start selling their stuff off. We just had a double strike over how humans should be using AI in the industry, it doesn’t make sense to give AI companies information after all of that.

Studios want to find a way to work with AI companies because there is a lot of money at stake, but it seems futile to do that before you actually decide how and why this stuff needs to be used. Especially in conversation with filmmakers, who voices you ultimately need to make movies and TV shows.

And if you just go after money and license your material, what big name filmmakers will want to work with you?

Let us know what you think in the comments.

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