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Hollywood’s Heartthrob Sydney Sweeney Gets Massive Backlash For Rumored Movie With Johnny Depp

March 30, 20244 Mins Read

Even with the recent Madame Web not serving right to fans and failing epically, Sydney Sweeney is still acing her game in the best way possible. Regarded as one of the biggest current Hollywood heartthrobs-cum-hotshots, she is landing one role after the other, gradually solidifying her position in the entertainment industry through the same.

Sydney SweeneySydney Sweeney
Sydney Sweeney in Euphoria.

That being said, the most recent role she has reportedly landed is from the very same movie that will next bring Johnny Depp back onscreen: Day Drinker. But instead of gaining commendation from fans for such a feat, Sweeney has become the center of tremendous backlash for saying yes to the film, thanks to the recent controversies surrounding the 60-year-old actor.

Sydney Sweeney Faces Backlash Due to the Controversies Surrounding Johnny Depp

Hollywood heartthrob Sydney Sweeney seems to have a jam-packed schedule as days after the release of her most recent film Immaculate, she is now reported to have signed on another supernatural thriller: Day Drinker.

Sydney Sweeney in ImmaculateSydney Sweeney in Immaculate
Sweeney in Immaculate.

This comes after reports from insider Jeff Sneider (via The InSneider), which claim the Euphoria actress has chosen her next co-star as Depp in the aforementioned movie. But instead of receiving praise for working so hard, Sweeney is receiving some serious backlash over this.

Why? Well, not for the genre, that’s for sure, considering how she absolutely nails it in thriller projects. Instead, these sudden controversies have erupted because of the person whom she has allegedly agreed to take on as her next co-star, who is none other than Johnny Depp. However, Sydney Sweeney’s team has denied the rumor.

Johnny Depp as Ed WoodJohnny Depp as Ed Wood
Johnny Depp in Ed Wood.

While the Edward Scissorhands actor had already cleared off the charges alleged against him by ex-wife Amber Heard through the defamation trial he filed and won, recent revelations from one of his co-stars have further pushed him back into that very ditch of controversies.

Recently, Lola Glaudini, who starred alongside Depp in the 2001 crime thriller Blow, alleged her co-star of having “accosted her”, showered profanities on her, and even told her to “shut up” for something that wasn’t even her fault, as she shared on the Powerful Truth Angels podcast.

Johnny DeppJohnny Depp
Depp in 2001’s Blow.

But even though the Pirates of the Caribbean alum reiterated through his rep that he “always prioritizes good working relationships with cast and crew and this recounting differs greatly from the recollection of other members on set at the time” (via People), some netizens are just not taking it.

Thus, once again getting him entangled in a sea of controversies, Heard fans and some other netizens who believe Glaudini’s accusations are true are now shoving Sweeney in the center to shower immense backlash upon her for reportedly signing up to work with such an actor.

Netizens Shower Sydney Sweeney with Backlash for Allegedly Signing Up for Day Drinker

Sydney Sweeney in a still from Madame WebSydney Sweeney in a still from Madame Web
Sweeney in Madame Web.

On the one hand, while all the Depp fans and others were celebrating this as a win-win for Sweeney, some other netizens and Heard defenders, on the other, are retaliating at the Madame Web actress for this recently reported decision of hers.

This latter category of fans is anything but happy about this reported pair-up for Day Drinker, and thus, is responding this way on X:

While it is true that Sweeney would continue to face such backlash as long as netizens continue to believe all these allegations against Depp by Glaudia and Heard, it is also true that Sweeney is mostly “unfazed” by all the backlash, as per the statement she shared with the Los Angeles Times.

However, as clarified by Sweeney’s team, the reports aren’t true. If the rumor was indeed true, then these two epic actors of Hollywood would most certainly go forward with it and presumably deliver the performance of a lifetime through Day Drinker.

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