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Michael J. Fox slams young Hollywood for taking ‘lazy’ routes to fame

April 13, 20243 Mins Read

Actor Michael J. Fox harshly criticized modern Hollywood as he complained that their routes to fame are ‘lazier’ compared to ’80s stars.

Though he has taken a step back from acting, Michael J. Fox is still one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood.

Best known for his roles in Family Ties and the Back to the Future franchise, Fox was a huge star in the ’80s and that fame translated in bigger roles in the ’90s like his leading role in the series Spin City.

Like many older Hollywood elites, Fox has some strong opinions on the younger famous generation and recently compared the industry today to his comeuppance in the ’80s with some pretty harsh comments.

“There’s an expression I referred to when they gave me an honorary Academy Award — somebody said to me the day before, they were talking about getting this award and being famous and they said ‘You’re ‘80s famous,’” Fox told People Magaizne, “I thought, wow, that’s cool. ‘80s famous. Right, we were different.”

“We were tougher. We didn’t have social media, we didn’t have any of that crap. We were just famous. Left to our own resources. And it was an amazing time.”

When Fox was asked if being famous in the ’80s was “harder” than being famous now, the actor responded, “Well, you had to be talented. That helped.”

Fox then expanded on that thought adding, “We used to bust our ass, our acting muscles and watch other actors and sit around with other actors and talk about acting and talk about it. And now you’ve got people who just go like, who’s your sweater? What’s your sweater you’re wearing? And what’s that dance step? And you’re the most famous person in the world.”

While he didn’t name anyone in particular, it’s obvious Fox is referring to the rise of social media influencers and some of those influencers getting into the acting world like Addison Rae and Liiza Koshy.

Even though Fox may not approve of how some people become famous now a days, it’s a testament to people’s willingness to adapt to the changing times as younger generations continue to pave their own way to success.

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