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March 27, 20242 Mins Read

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What’s the story

Ghost stories in cinema often present more than just frights; they weave together elements of horror and beauty, offering deep contemplations on existence, bereavement, and affection.

The five films highlighted here are particularly notable for their compelling narratives and striking visual presentation.

They are celebrated for leaving a lasting impression on audiences with their evocative storytelling that goes beyond the traditional scares.

‘Spirited Away’

Spirited Away (2001), directed by Hayao Miyazaki, stands out as an unconventional ghost story, weaving a magical narrative of spirits.

The film chronicles young Chihiro’s odyssey in a spirit-filled realm after her parents undergo a bizarre transformation into pigs.

This animated gem is a profound coming-of-age tale, exploring themes of self-discovery and resilience amidst the enchanting and the supernatural.

‘The Others’

The Others (2001), directed by Alejandro Amenabar, takes place in post-World War II Jersey.

Grace, alongside her two children who suffer from photosensitivity, begins to encounter inexplicable events within the confines of their isolated mansion.

This atmospheric thriller cleverly intertwines suspense with an examination of reality and perception, engaging viewers in a narrative that both mystifies and challenges.

‘Crimson Peak’

Crimson Peak (2015), crafted by Guillermo del Toro, artfully merges gothic romance with ghostly phenomena.

Edith, after her marriage to Sir Thomas Sharpe, finds herself in his family’s ancient mansion. There, she is confronted by spectral entities that disclose sinister ancestral secrets.

The film’s aesthetic brilliance highlights phantoms as symbols for the inescapable shadows of history that haunt the present.

‘Ghost Story’

Ghost Story (1981), directed by John Irvin, is a film adaptation of Peter Straub’s novel.

It delves into the chilling tale of four elderly men bound by a secret from their past.

They are haunted not only by their memories but also by a mysterious woman who weaves through their past and present, bringing with her supernatural occurrences and an air of unresolved guilt.

‘The Orphanage’

The Orphanage (2007), directed by J.A. Bayona, tells the story of Laura who returns to her childhood orphanage with her family intending to reopen it for disabled children.

Soon after, her son disappears leading Laura on a search that uncovers unsettling truths linked to her past residents’ fates.

This film masterfully blends emotional depth with moments of tension.

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