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Ryan Gosling & Emily Blunt Starrer Is A Wild Ride Of Celebrating The Unsung Heroes Of Hollywood’s Action Films

May 1, 20245 Mins Read

“The Fall Guy” serves as a tribute to stunt performers, showcasing their incredible feats and the dedication they bring to the screen.

The Fall Guy Movie Review Rating:

Star Cast: Ryan Gosling, Emily Blunt, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Hannah Waddingham, Teresa Palmer, Stephanie Hsu, Winston Duke

Director: David Leitch

The Fall Guy Movie Review Out. (Photo Credit – IMDb)

What’s Good: The concept of celebrating the ones who never get to be in the limelight

What’s Bad: A little bit pacing issue

Loo Break: After the movie, please!

Watch or Not?: It’s Barbeinheimer coming together, why would you miss it?

Language: English

Available On: Theatrical release

Runtime: 125 Minutes



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Colt Seavers (Ryan Gosling) is a Hollywood stunt performer who works as a stunt double for actor Tom Ryder (Aaron-Taylor Johnson). Alongside his daring stunts, he also shares a romantic connection with Jody Moreno (Emily Blunt). However, a fall breaks Colt’s back and spirit, leading him to bid farewell to his dream job. He retreats to a quiet life until a life-altering call beckons him back. Asked to double for Tom Ryder in Jody’s new sci-fi romance film, Colt finds himself embroiled in a mystery when Ryder disappears, and he becomes a prime suspect in a major crime.

The Fall Guy Movie Still. (Photo Credit – IMDb)

The Fall Guy Movie Review: Script Analysis

“The Fall Guy” pays homage to classic action cinema and the unsung heroes – the stunt performers, who make actors appear invincible on screen. From the beginning, the story, characters, and humour captivate you. You laugh, enjoy and anticipate the next hilarious thing that might happen on screen. All of the fun is packed at the expense of Colt Seavers, who is expected to take the biggest fall of his life for someone else!

The story that Drew Pearce weaved has many ups and a few downs. The initial hour sets the stage for the chaos hinted at in the trailer, which fully unfolds in the second hour. The film starts energetically, and while there are slower moments, once that’s gone, the plot steadily progresses. Despite its predictability, you will remain enthralled by the breathtaking stunts, fight sequences, and engaging characters. When there’s no one taking a fall, we’re hooked with Colt and Jody’s romance.

The Fall Guy Movie Review
The Fall Guy Movie Review(Photo Credit – IMDb)

I have a soft spot for movies about cinema because they offer insights into a world we think we understand. Yet, we are continuously fascinated, and our appreciation for the art only deepens. I wasn’t initially a fan of action cinema and started exploring it only a few years ago. “The Fall Guy” has piqued my interest in exploring more content within the genre. I also enjoyed how Drew and David didn’t shy away from calling out the entitled behaviour of being a big movie star!

The Fall Guy Movie Review: Star Performance

Ryan Gosling will forever be associated with the term “kenergy” whenever he takes up such light and goofy roles. The Barbie actor performs them with such earnest; how can you not fall in love? Ryan’s performance strikes a balance, portraying a talented stuntman without turning Colt into a caricature or a snobbish person. Gosling’s impeccable comic timing and charismatic presence enhance every scene.

Emily Blunt shines as Jody Moreno, displaying humour, emotion, and physical prowess. The chemistry between Blunt and Gosling is palpable, though I wish the film delved deeper into their love story. Supporting actors Hannah Waddingham, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and Winston Duke deliver fantastic performances.

The Fall Guy Movie Review
The Fall Guy Movie Review(Photo Credit – IMDb)

The Fall Guy Movie Review: Direction, Music

Director David Leitch effortlessly blends action, comedy, and suspense. “The Fall Guy” serves as a tribute to stunt performers, showcasing their incredible feats and the dedication they bring to the screen. The film’s Guinness World Record for the most cannon rolls in a car speaks volumes about the stuntmen’s commitment to authenticity.

The director ensured that every aspect of stunt work was thoroughly explored, showcasing a variety of action scenes performed in different environments: from the air to water to land. These scenes capture the protagonist’s impeccable skills, delivering breathtaking moments filled with kicks and punches. The Fall Guy wouldn’t have come to fruition without the stunt performers, especially Ryan Gosling’s stunt double. So, a truly phenomenal job was done by stuntmen Logan Holladay and Jenkin, among others.

Dominic Lewis’ score enhances the film’s mood, while the lively tracks used to elevate key scenes. Personally, my favourite sequence is the one where Ryan Gosling cries up to a Taylor Swift song.

The Fall Guy Movie Still. (Photo Credit – IMDb)

The Fall Guy Movie Review: The Last Word

Overall, “The Fall Guy,” starring Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt, is a thoroughly entertaining film. The action comedy celebrates the skilled men and women behind action movies, who transform actors into cinematic superheroes. Despite occasional pacing issues, it leaves a bright smile on your face. And don’t forget to watch the credits, where real-life stunt performers are honoured for their work.

Three and a half stars!

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The Fall Guy releases on 03 May, 2024.

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