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A New Chucky Movie Is in the Works Says Don Mancini

March 28, 20242 Mins Read

As the Chucky TV show is about to continue its third season, creator Don Mancini confirms the killer doll will return to the big screen in a new Chucky movie.

New Chucky Movie to Keep Series Continuity

Speaking on the Scream Dreams podcast with Barbara Crampton, Mancini stated he’s in ”the early stages of working on a new Chucky movie”. He had also spoken to DJ Suss One, where he explained it would work in tandem with the television show.

With a continuity ongoing ever since the original Child’s Play, Mancini is looking to keep that going with the new movie, an outlier in the horror franchise space.

Don Mancini‘s version of Chucky hasn’t been in a movie for seven years, with DTV entry Cult of Chucky leaving the franchise as it was in limbo until the television show gave it fresh life. A Mancini and Brad Dourif deficent remake in 2019 didn’t exactly go down that well, and with a resurgence in Chucky’s relevance, there’s probably never been a better time to send their red-headed menace back into theaters.

Chucky season 3, part 2 is due to begin on April 10 on Syfy and USA Network, and sees Chucky wrestling with his own mortality the only way he knows how.

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