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Liam Neeson’s New Rotten Tomatoes Movie Success Is Good For His Upcoming Remake Of $477M Action Franchise

March 31, 20245 Mins Read


  • Liam Neeson’s recent movie broke his streak of critical flops, setting the stage for his upcoming remake.
  • Despite past movie failures, Neeson’s latest film showcases his ability to deliver a critically-acclaimed performance.
  • The high rating for “In the Land of Saints and Sinners” proves Neeson is a solid action star, and that he’s ready for his upcoming role in “The Naked Gun” reboot.

Liam Neeson has a major remake coming soon, and his most recent movie’s critical success on Rotten Tomatoes has perfectly set the stage for it. For years, Liam Neeson has established himself as one of the biggest names in the entire action genre. Neeson has played some deadly action heroes over the course of his career, and they often led to major critical success. However, not all of his action movies have been hits, and his recent movies have especially suffered.

Neeson has had a bad streak with his movies and their critical reception stretching back over four years and eight movies. In that time frame, his highest rated film was The Ice Road, which only scored 44% on Rotten Tomatoes, though many others were hits with audiences. Neeson’s streak of movies with below average ratings was very worrying for the future of his career, but it now seems he’s solved the problem ahead of his upcoming remake.

Liam Neeson Movies

Rotten Tomatoes Critic Score

Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score

Made In Italy (2020)



Honest Thief (2020)



The Marksman (2021)



The Ice Road (2021)



Blacklight (2022)



Memory (2022)



Marlowe (2022)



Retribution (2023)




Liam Neeson’s 10 Best Action Movies, Ranked

Liam Neeson has carved out his own subgenre of modern action movies after the success of Taken, becoming an iconic and profitable figure in the field.

In The Lands Of Saints & Sinners Gets Neeson’s Career Back On Track Before Naked Gun

Its critical success is a positive sign ahead of the reboot

In the Land of Saints and Sinners, Neeson’s most recent movie, ended his years-long rotten streak. It currently has an 81% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, far surpassing many of his most recent action movies. In the Land of Saints and Sinners also came at a perfect time for Neeson’s career, as he’ll soon be starring in The Naked Gun reboot. The movie’s high rating proved that Neeson is still an impressive action star who can deliver a critically-acclaimed performance. His reputation for making good movies should carry over into The Naked Gun, and his acting will have to steal the show due to the reboot’s split genres.

The Naked Gun
reboot is set to release on July 18, 2025.

Why Liam Neeson Is Great For The Naked Gun Remake

Neeson can handle both the comedy and action aspects of the role

A composite image of Leslie Nielsen from The Naked Gun with Liam Neeson

Liam Neeson is perfect for The Naked Gun, as he’s already proven himself as a more than capable actor in both of its genres. The Naked Gun franchise has mainly been a comedy series, but it also features action scenes given Frank Drebin’s job as a police detective. Neeson is an underrated comedic actor, and he has been showing his action skills for over a decade, so he’s more than equipped for both sides of Drebin’s character. Neeson’s comedic chops, which he’s displayed in movies like Ted 2 and A Million Ways to Die in the West, should pair perfectly with his action experience for The Naked Gun.

If all goes well with The Naked Gun reboot, Neeson could even see his career shift from action to comedy. While he has shown his skill for comedy in the past, they’ve mainly come in small roles or within less successful movies. The Naked Gun would give him a chance to be the lead actor in a comedy film, and it could help audiences see him in a different light. The Naked Gun will have to be a success for that to happen, though, but luckily In the Land of Saints and Sinners has given Liam Neeson a major advantage for his next movies.

Source: Rotten Tomatoes

  • In the Land of Saints and Sinners Movie Poster

    In the Land of Saints and Sinners

    In the Land of Saints and Sinners is an action crime thriller directed by Robert Lorenz and stars Liam Neeson as former assassin Finbar Murphy, who is in retirement and looking to leave his hitman days behind him. When Murphy’s peaceful Irish town is rocked by terrorists who have begun abusing the locals, he slips back into his old ways to deal with them, all while trying to keep his identity a secret from those around him.

    Robert Lorenz

    Release Date
    September 15, 2023

  • The Naked Gun Reboot Temp Logo Poster

    The Naked Gun Reboot

    The Naked Gun is set for a reboot via writer-director Akiva Schaffer, with Liam Neeson starring in the lead role. The film is rumored to have Liam Neeson playing the son of the former franchise protagonist, Detective Frank Drebin.

    Akiva Schaffer

    Release Date
    July 18, 2025

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