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Orlando Bloom Shed 35 Pounds For His Upcoming Boxing Movie

April 20, 20243 Mins Read

The Big Picture

  • Orlando Bloom is excited for audiences to see him in
    The Cut
    , an upcoming boxing movie he produced and stars in.
  • Bloom is proud of the full-body transformation he did for the movie, and of the unique take on the story.
  • His latest series,
    Orlando Bloom: To the Edge
    is streaming on Peacock now.

Orlando Bloom is well-known for his major roles in film series like The Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean. Bloom broke through as one of the Fellowship of the Ring, Legolas the elf, a role which he went on to reprise in The Hobbit movies as well, before appearing as Will Turner in the swashbuckling Pirates franchise. However, alongside these iconic parts, Bloom has also taken on several unique roles in smaller projects that might not be as familiar to his fans. In a recent discussion with Collider’s Steve Weintraub while promoting his newest series, To the Edge, Bloom was asked about which roles he was most pleased with, and enthusiastically talked about one of these lesser-known films that he believes shows a different side of his acting talent.

Asked about what he’d recommend for someone who hasn’t seen his catalog of work, Bloom eagerly recommended The Cut, a film he both recently produced and starred in. He described his thorough involvement in the film, saying, “I just produced and starred in this tiny little movie called The Cut, which is a film that I did a huge, crazy body transformation for. I went from 185 to 150 pounds. It’s about making weight. I love the boxing movie world, but this is a movie that focuses on the making weight, so the fight is not the physical fight, the fight is the battle to lose weight, which I thought was a unique take on that kind of thing. We’re getting it ready for film festivals, so we’ll see. I’d like people to see that, quite frankly.”

What Is ‘The Cut’ About?

Orlando Bloom looking off to the side smiling on a beach with the ocean behind him
Image via Peacock

Bloom’s dedication to The Cut goes beyond just changing his body. The film focuses on a part of boxing that is usually overlooked: the struggle to meet weight requirements before a fight. This unique angle shows a different side of sports and highlights the personal challenges that athletes face. Sharing more about the film’s future, Bloom was optimistic that it would be ready to premiere at one of the major film festivals soon.

“Yeah. Toronto or Venice, or something like that. Hopefully we’ll be ready. We were literally getting it ready. Sean [Ellis] is a great director. It’s a really unique story. A really unique story and film, so I’m really proud of it.”

Stay tuned to Collider for more details on The Cut. To the Edge is streaming on Peacock now.

Orlando Bloom To the Edge TV Show Poster

Orlando Bloom: To the Edge (2024)

In an exhilarating documentary, a famous actor takes to the road on his motorcycle, navigating the varied terrains and vibrant cultures of the United States. This journey not only tests his physical limits but also offers insights into his life and passions, revealing a personal side rarely seen by the public.

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