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Robert Pattinson’s Upcoming Movie Looks Even Trippier Than His Last Sci-Fi Film

April 10, 20244 Mins Read


  • Robert Pattinson’s upcoming film, Mickey 17, will offer an incredibly mind-bending experience.
  • Scheduled for release in 2025, the movie is written and directed by Bong Joon-ho, promising a trippy ride.
  • The film’s footage hints at a deep exploration of cloning and the cyclical nature of Pattinson’s character’s life and death.

As mind-bending as Robert Pattinson‘s last sci-fi film might have seemed, his upcoming movie looks even trippier. After starting his acting career with fantasy movies like Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and The Twilight Saga, Pattinson has dabbled with several different genres. From romantic dramas like Remember Me and Water For Elephants to psychological thrillers like The Lighthouse and Cosmopolis, the actor has a variety of films on his acting resume. Even when it comes to sci-fi, Robert Pattinson has not held himself back from playing characters in abstract but compelling dramas.

Speaking of the abstract, Robert Pattinson’s last sci-fi movie explored some of the most bizarre sci-fi concepts portrayed on the big screen. However, as the footage from his upcoming film reveals, he will be playing a character in an even more complex and surreal drama that will likely push and bend the boundaries of what cinematic sci-fi has previously explored. Scheduled for release on 31 January 2025, Pattinson’s next film is written, directed, and co-produced by Academy Award winner Bong Joon-ho. It is based on a 2022 novel by Edward Ashton.


Robert Pattinson’s Upcoming Movie Can Redeem His Most Underrated Sci-Fi Role

Robert Pattinson will star in Bong Joon-ho’s upcoming sci-fi movie Mickey 17 — and the role could redeem the actor’s most underrated sci-fi role.

The sci-fi film in which Robert Pattinson last starred was Christopher Nolan’s Tenet, which left viewers baffled and overwhelmed with its riveting exploration of entropy. The film’s labyrinthine logic and timelines still confuse many, making it hard not to wonder if anyone has fully grasped its complex storyline. However, CinemaCon footage from Bong Joon-ho’s Mickey 17 suggests that its portrayal of cloning and the cyclical nature of Robert Pattinson’s character’s life and death will be even tripper than Tenet‘s sci-fi drama.

In the footage, Pattinson’s titular character, Mickey, seems to live in a life-and-death loop. The footage walks through the many unique ways in which he dies, only to return as a clone and repeat the cycle. In an intriguing scene, he even plays a game of rock, paper, scissors with Steven Yeun’s character, Berto, to determine whether he gets to die again or live and shoot Berto dead. The trailer gets even tripper when Mickey sees other versions of himself, as if he is caught in a kaleidoscope of identities and dopplegangers.

Tenet & Mickey 17 Prove Robert Pattinson Should Make More Sci-Fi Movies

The two movies prove Robert Pattinson’s potential as a sci-fi star

Although Robert Pattinson does justice to every character he plays, he seems to hit a home run every time he stars in complex sci-fi movies. Long before he played characters in Tenet and Mickey 17, he was one of the leads in Claire Denis’ High Life, which is another hypnotic, highly-acclaimed sci-fi flick. Tenet may not have garnered the same level of success and appreciation as Christopher Nolan’s other movies, but it perfectly showcased Robert Pattinson’s ability to excel in intricate and thought-provoking sci-fi films.

With his acting forte and proven ability to engage viewers in cerebral storytelling, it would be great to see Robert Pattinson ascend even further as a sci-fi movie star.

As Mickey 17‘s lead, he will further cement himself as a go-to versatile actor who can embody characters grappling with complex existential questions and unconventional realities. This should pave the way for him to land more sci-fi roles in the future. With his acting forte and proven ability to engage viewers in cerebral storytelling, it would be great to see Robert Pattinson ascend even further as a sci-fi movie star.

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