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Spielberg’s UFO movie, For All Mankind renewed, and Rebel Moon Part 3

April 18, 20244 Mins Read

It’s been a pretty great week for sci-fi fans so far, with multiple franchises seeing renewals for future seasons, promises of even more from others that are still just getting started, and a quietly impressive YouTube series you should really take a look at.

This week is shaping up to be a fantastic follow-up to last week’s debut of Amazon’s Fallout series. While we haven’t got any further news on the future of the retailer’s post-apocalyptic cinematic universe, the future looks bright for many other franchises. It’s also a pretty good day to be a fan of 1977’s Close Encounters of the Third Kind, as a sci-fi trailblazer returns to the scene to rock our concept of the world once again.

Peacemaker Season 2 filming begins

James Gunn confirmed this week that Season 2 of Peacemaker is now well underway. This second season and the Superman movie he’s working on are being filmed simultaneously, which sounds like a minefield to keep straight in your head. For those who aren’t aware, Peacemaker is a spin-off of the Suicide Squad movies starring John Cena’s titular character in one of his most enjoyable performances.

A Thousands Suns sci-fi short series delights viewers

A Thousand Suns is a series of six short sci-fi movies. Each one is roughly 5 minutes long and paints a picture of humanity’s far future across various worlds, circumstances, and beliefs. It was created by Blackmilk Studios and released yesterday to a decent reception from fans on the main sci-fi subreddit. I’ve watched the first two episodes so far, and while they’re not as incredible as I’m sure a full-length movie in the same universe would be, they’re well worth a watch for the way they explore this vision for our progression in thousands of years.

Rebel Moon‘s third part is already plotted, should it get the all clear

rebel moon part two robot
Screenshot via Netflix’s YouTube channel

I opened Netflix this morning in the UK and was surprised to see Rebel Moon: Part 2 being advertised, with Part 1 having only been released in late 2023. However, it’s real and will be released this week on April 19, but the story beyond it has already been planned out. In a recent issue of SFX, as reported by Collider, director Zack Snyder already knows where the franchise is heading in a wider story arc.

This could include a Part 3 Netflix release as well as books, comics, and spin-offs. Snyder adds that after a certain point, he’d be fine handing Rebel Moon off to someone else so the massive universe can be explored. It feels a lot like the start of something much bigger, provided it can maintain its momentum.

Spielberg directing a new UFO movie

car abduction from close encounters of the third kind
Screenshot via Sony’s YouTube channel

As reported by Variety, director Steven Spielberg is turning his attention to a new UFO movie based on his own idea. David Koepp is allegedly writing the script, though this isn’t confirmed. As someone who watched Close Encounters of the Third Kind a ridiculous number of times as a child because he adores UFOs, this is very exciting news. If you’re struggling to wait, I can’t recommend that movie enough.

Apple renews For All Mankind for its fifth season, plus a spin-off

Finally, Apple has renewed its For All Mankind alternate history space race show for a fifth season as well as a spin-off. Its creators have an ambitious seven-season plan that they seem to be getting close to, which is impressive in a day and age when any streaming series can get shut down once it hits this point. Just look at The Expanse.

The spin-off here is going to be another series called Star City, which will tell the story of this alternative history space race as a paranoid thriller from behind the Iron Curtain. This ticks all the boxes for me right now, but more than anything, I want the main series to reach the planned endpoint, so I hope this spin-off doesn’t risk that.

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