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Stephen Huszar on New Jane Mysteries Hallmark Films With Jodie Sweetin

May 25, 20244 Mins Read

Stephen Huszar Teases 4 New ‘Jane Mysteries’ With Jodie Sweetin, 'Getting Back in the Saddle’

Stephen Huszar and Jodie Sweetin
Araya Doheny/Getty Images ; Michael Tullberg/Getty Images

Stephen Huszar and Jodie Sweetin filmed not one, but four new movies for Hallmark’s The Jane Mysteries franchise — and they’re coming soon.

“It’s gonna be exciting. We have a lot going on,” Huszar, 40, exclusively told Us Weekly while promoting his latest Hallmark Channel rom-com Everything Puppies. “There’s a lot of cool story lines.”

The actor teased that the four new Jane Mysteries will start rolling out “later in the summer or fall.”

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In the pair’s first mystery, 2023’s The Jane Mysteries: Inheritance Lost, Jane DaSilva (Sweetin) seeks help from Detective Cameron (Huszar) after inheriting a detective agency. Together the former singer helps the detective solve a murder while figuring out what she wants next from her career.

Huszar noted that when it comes to the next few films, both he and Sweetin “fire up our chemistry,” and hopefully, fans will take notice.

Stephen Huszar Teases 4 New ‘Jane Mysteries’ With Jodie Sweetin, 'Getting Back in the Saddle’

Jodie Sweetin and Stephen Huszar
Courtesy of Brain Power Studio

“We’ve had a lot of fun shooting it,” he recalled to Us. “Jodie’s absolutely amazing to work with.”

Although there was a break from the first movie’s release in 2023 to shooting the new few projects, Huszar said the actors fell back into their rhythm quickly.

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“We hit it off so well on the first one. She’s such a lovely human being and such an incredible actor,” he gushed when speaking about Sweetin, 42. “We connected on a lot of levels and the crew and, actually some of the other cast as well, I’ve worked with quite a bit before. They’re basically family to me.”

Huszar gave insight into the production, saying, “It’s like getting back into the saddle.”

Stephen Huszar Teases 4 New ‘Jane Mysteries’ With Jodie Sweetin, 'Getting Back in the Saddle’

Stephen Huszar
Courtesy of Brain Power Studio

He pointed out that everyone involved in The Jane Mysteries were “excited to keep working because it’s wonderful when you have that kind of familiarity and everyone’s just respecting each other.”

Huszar teased that there is “a lot of content coming your way” and “lots of fun” movies headed to Hallmark Mystery. “Just stay tuned for that,” he said, confessing the premiere date for the second movie is still TBD.

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While Huszar has been busy in 2024, releasing Hallmark’s Everything Puppies earlier this month and working with Sweetin once again, he is ready for even more movies with the network. In fact, he told Us that if Hallmark Mystery wants to revive his and Taylor Cole’s A Ruby Herring Mysteries franchise he’d happily sign on.

“Taylor’s such a good friend of mine,” Huszar said. “So, I would love to work with friends like that again. It is always a treat. Absolutely. So, fingers crossed. I’m all about reviving that as well.”

As fans wait for more Hallmark movies from Huszar, they can watch The Jane Mysteries: Inheritance Lost and all The Ruby Herring Mysteries on Hallmark Movies Now.

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