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Sydney Sweeney Just Tried Something New With A Hip Cut Out, And She Literally Looks Immaculate

May 4, 20243 Mins Read

Sydney Sweeney may have stopped serving all the vacation looks since her Hawaii vacation ended last week, but now she’s back on another red carpet to give us all the glam inspo! When the actress turned up to promote her horror movie Immaculate in Mexico City this week, she rocked the hip-cut trend by pairing a black Mui Mui dress with black gloves, and it’s literally immaculate.

Many current fashion icons, from Kim Kardashian to Gigi Hadid have been seen stepping out in side cutout dresses as of late. Now Sydney Sweeney is on the trend as well. Check out the holy (er…hole-y) look!  

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO - MAY 2: Sydney Sweeney poses for a photo during a press conference for the movie 'Immaculate' at Four Seasons Hotel on May 2, 2024 in Mexico City, Mexico.

(Image credit: Jaime Nogales/Medios y Media/Getty Images)

The Miu Miu dress puts a spin on a more classic black dress style with its hip cutouts on the sides and bows on top of each. Sweeney also wore some pointed-toe heels that had sparkly silver embellishments on the straps. Dress cutouts have been going strong on red carpets and in retail stores for a couple of years now, and Sweeney’s latest look is a reminder that it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Plus, more and more red carpet fits recently have involved some slick gloves as accessories. 

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