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The Flash #9 Confirms The Rogues’ Latest Scheme – Comic Book Movies and Superhero Movie News

May 28, 20242 Mins Read

The Rogues are notable among the supervillains of DC Comics. While they are unashamed thieves, they are not without scruples, and have a strict code of honor. Indeed, they have joined forces with The Flash to protect Central City from more violent villains with depraved goals beyond making money. However, it seems that some of the Rogues have joined together with mayhem on their minds.

The Flash #9 by Simon Spurrier, Ramón Pérez, and Vasco Georgiev continues the saga of the collapse of the Speed Force. The speedsters of Earth-Prime engage in a running battle evading both the time-traveling Linear Men and the forces of Amanda Waller. To further complicate matters, Wally West has gone missing and Barry Allen has begun hearing voices.

The Flash 9 - Reverse Flash attacks Barry Allen
(Image Source: DC)

The Flash #9 reveals these voices as the Reverse-Flash, Eobard Thawne. His intention is to drive Barry Allen mad and turn him against his loved ones. He is revealed to be doing this with the aid of the future-tech wizard Abra Kadabra. However, they are also revealed to be operating outside the plan formulated by the other Rogues.

The Flash Rogues Have Plans For Wally West

As Barry fights for control, Thawne complains of the “subtlety and stage management” being employed by “Grodd and the rest.” They are said to be preparing a vessel — a “holy weapon.” Barry determines that is is a reference to the missing Wally West, as Abra Kadraba had also been using his powers to dampen the emotions of Wally’s wife, Linda Park.

Barry Allen beats Mind Control in The Flash 9
(Image Source: DC)

While it is unclear just how Wally West might be turned into a weapon, the plan shows a shocking amount of foresight on the part of the Rogues. No matter how far Wally ran, he could always count on the love of his wife to guide him home. With that beacon gone, the Fastest Man to use The Flash name might be lost forever. Thankfully, Barry’s efforts bring down Abra Kadabra and restore Linda’s love. More, he is revealed to have faked his struggle, milking the Reverse-Flash for more information on the Rogues’ plans.

The Flash #9 is now available at comic shops everywhere.

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