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Twisters’ Latest Trailer Called Back To The Original Movie’s Wild Ending, And As A Fan I’m Obsessed

May 8, 20243 Mins Read

Of all the movies that have received sequels decades after their original entries, Twister didn’t seem like it would necessarily be a candidate. But for fans of the original like myself, prayers have been answered as the, perhaps obviously titled follow-up Twisters is coming this summer and a new trailer is full of just the action those fans are looking for, including what looks like very intentional callbacks to the original. 

The trailer opens with a random tornado hitting a rodeo event, which itself seems very reminiscent of the tornado hitting the drive-in movie theater in the original Twister. There also looks to be a scene that might be taking its cues from the Twister finale. There’s a shot in the new Twisters trailer that shows star Daisy Edgar-Jones holding on tight while the tornado destroys what’s around them. Check out the trailer above and then give the end of Twister a look below for comparison.

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