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Zack Snyder Confirms 2 Superhero Movies He Still Wants To Make 5 Months After Latest Tease

April 19, 20242 Mins Read

After having created the DCEU, Zack Snyder reveals which two superhero movies he would still want to direct if he ever got the chance in the future.

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  • Snyder shares his dream DC/Marvel movies: Elektra and The Dark Knight Returns, emphasizing a need for comic accuracy.
  • While not directing Wolverine in the past, Snyder expressed interest in bringing Elektra Lives Again and The Dark Knight Returns to life.
  • Snyder praised Elektra’s source material from Lynn Varley and Frank Miller, highlighting his passion for the project.

Justice League filmmaker Zack Snyder opens up on what DC or Marvel movies he would still want to make in his future.

In a new interview with Happy, Sad, Confused, Snyder was asked how close he got to directing a Wolverine movie back in the day. While it didn’t end up happening, Snyder also shared which superhero movies he would love to direct in the future, if he was ever given the option, stating the following:

Elektra is like, well, Elektra Lives Again really is the is the movie for me. Because it’s Lynn Varley and Frank Miller and the whole – it’s like yeah, that would be, and that book is beautiful… The Dark Knight Returns is the only real comic book movie I would do tomorrow if I could get a chance to do it, yeah. Oh, it has [to be] comic accurate, 100%.

Source: Happy, Sad, Confused/YouTube

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