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32 Movies Based On Hit Songs That Were A Mistake Being Made

May 25, 202412 Mins Read

There has been a trend in Hollywood, one that hit it’s peak in the ’70s but continues today, of basing movies on hit songs. Sometimes the movies are directly referencing the song and the story in the song, sometimes they are more loosely based on the song. Looking down the list, it’s clear that it’s rarely a great idea, as most of these movies didn’t really work. These 32 songs might be excellent, but the movies based on them usually aren’t. 

Cheech Marin in a car, wearing a Dodgers hat

(Image credit: Universal Pictures)

Born In East LA (1987)

In 1985 the legendary Cheech & Chong recorded a parody of Bruce Springsteen‘s “Born In The USA” called “Born In East LA.” The funny song was from the perspective of a Latino man and was turned into a movie starring Cheech Marin (without Tommy Chong) that is decidedly not funny. Cheech (both with and without Chong) had a pretty hit-or-miss run in the ’80s and Born In East LA was a miss. 

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