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Argylle soundtrack: What songs are in Matthew Vaughn’s spy thriller?

February 7, 20244 Mins Read

When the project was first announced last year, some Taylor Swift fans speculated that the singer was secretly the author behind the novel upon which the new film is inspired, citing a number of clues – including that Conway lives in the US and owns a Scottish Fold cat (of which Taylor has four).

The theory was later shot down by Vaughn, though he did admit Swift is the reason a Scottish Fold appears in the movie.

“Ironically, what she is responsible for is the Scottish Fold,” Vaughn explained to Rolling Stone.

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“I got home one day, it was Christmas, and I was like, ‘What the f**k is that noise?’

“And I’m running around the house and I hear a noise, and the kids had seen a Taylor Swift documentary and there was a Scottish Fold in that, and they’d persuaded my wife, Claudia [Schiffer], to get them the kitten for Christmas. It was bought without my permission and hidden from me.”

The movie features an all-star cast that includes Henry Cavill, Sam Rockwell and Samuel L Jackson, but for Vaughn, securing one particular song for the film’s soundtrack was arguably more important than landing any of those big names.

Now and Then, the final song by The Beatles, plays a crucial part in the film.

Read on for everything you need to know about the Argylle soundtrack.

Argylle soundtrack: Which songs feature in the film?

Henry Cavill as Agent Argylle in Argylle, he is wearing all black in front of a smoky backdrop

Henry Cavill is Agent Argylle in Argylle. Universal

We don’t currently have a full list of songs that feature in the film – but some prominent examples include the aforementioned Now and Then by The Beatles, David Bowie classic Let’s Dance and the Leona Lewis cover of Snow Patrol’s Run, which plays during the film’s colourful, climactic action sequence.

Meanwhile, an original song titled Electric Energy was also written for the film, and is performed by star Ariana DeBose alongside Boy George and Nile Rodgers.

Speaking about the inclusion of Now and Then in the film, Vaughn explained during an exclusive interview with that he couldn’t believe his luck when he first heard of the possibility.

“I know Giles Martin, who was a producer of the song, and I was struggling to find a love song which had pathos and hope,” he said.

“And then Giles said to me… I thought he was joking when he said, ‘Do you want to hear the new Beatles song? It might fit.’

“And I was like, ‘What are you talking about? A new Beatles song, are you out of your mind?’ And then he played it to me. And I was just shocked. I was really, really shocked. And then it was like, ‘Oh my God, now I’m not allowed to tell anyone about this for a year!'”

He added: “I had to meet with Sir Paul [McCartney] and all the families and get their permission and show them the film – it was fiery hoops that I didn’t mind jumping through because it was like, what an experience and what an honour.

“And yeah, I’m just amazed I got to work with The Beatles and use a new Beatles song. I mean… every time I think my life couldn’t get crazier, it somehow does.”

Argylle score

The film’s official soundtrack includes mostly the score, which is composed by Lorne Balfe. You can find the track titles below:

All composed by Lorne Balfe except where stated:

  • Mini Moke Mayhem
  • Serve the Same Master
  • Argylle In Hong Kong
  • This Seat Is Taken
  • Enjoy the Ride
  • The Division Theme
  • Aiden & Elly
  • Electric Energy (Ariana DeBose, Boy George & Nile Rodgers)
  • Spoon Spy
  • The Spy Who Scratched Me
  • Argylle in the Mirror
  • Elly’s Writing Theme
  • Parental Misguidance
  • Do You Think I’m OK?
  • Alfie
  • Rachel’s Story
  • Al-Badr Palace
  • Double Crosser
  • Furocious
  • Mama’s Gotta Go to Work
  • Careless Whisker
  • Satelite Signals
  • You Missed
  • Concluding the Argylle Saga
  • Yellow Shirt
  • Argylle’s Theme
  • Now and Then (Argylle Symphony) (The Beatles arranged by Lorne Balfe & Adam Price)
  • Get Up and Start Again (Ariana DeBose)

Well update this page with a full list of the other tracks that appear in the film when it becomes available.

Argylle was released in UK cinemas on Friday 2nd February 2024. Check out more of our Film coverage or visit our TV Guide and Streaming Guide to find out what’s on.

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