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April 23, 20247 Mins Read

  • What we know about the Challengers soundtrack produced by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross
  • Playlists of songs “from and inspired by Challengers.”
  • Challengers opens in the US and Canada on April 26, 2024
  • Run time: 2 hours 11 minutes


The Challengers soundtrack, in some ways, has eclipsed the film itself in recent conversation. Of course, we can’t help but be excited for a new Luca Guadagnino film, especially with Zendaya at the helm, but the involvement of iconic score wizards and Nine Inch Nails alumni Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross spells something magical for the music of the film itself. The raunchy story of sensational competition between two tennis professionals and former best friends–not only for glory on the green, but for former tennis prodigy Tashi Donaldson–was always expected to blow critics away. But as its first trailer came soundtracked by an anthemic remix of Rihanna’s S&M, fans of Guadagnino knew this wasn’t going to be a standard turn for the director.

So, with its dramatic impact on the film itself in mind, what songs are actually on the Challengers soundtrack?

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The Challengers Soundtrack — Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross’ score

The score for the film has, of course, been produced by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, who first came to fame via the industrial metal icons Nine Inch Nails before going on to create some of cinema’s most iconic scores, including The Social Network, Gone Girl and Mank. The duo came to Challengers with a different approach, though, as Luca’s vision led them into the world of dance music. It was certainly a change of pace from the pair’s last work with Guadagnino, Bones and All, a score that was much more melancholy and serene.



“Luca had a vision that was interesting in the sense that he wanted it to be full-on dance music all the way through,” Ross said in an interview with GQ. “We took his lead and just rolled with it. What was interesting is we’re playing scenes, fairly intimate scenes, with very loud techno music and kind of simultaneously having to score an emotional story. It was challenging in ways that i think other scores haven’t been.”

“He sent us down a path we never would have wound up on,” Reznor adds. “To our amazement, it really did work, and it changed the film into being a different experience, in a really interesting way.”

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The tracks that the pair produced aren’t available online just yet, though they have revealed a special separate project that will welcome fans into the world of Challengers through the world of its thumping music.





The Challengers Soundtrack remix — How can I listen to Challengers’ music online?

Our first extended look at the work of Reznor and Ross on Challengers comes in the shape of a remix album courtesy of Boys Noize.

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It may not be a direct reflection of the music that appears in the film, but it seems in many ways to be the best way to experience it without Challengers to accompany it. “It’s been a fun challenge to turn this into one fluid experience and take it even further by redesigning the tracks, creating new elements and changing certain parts,” says Boys Noize in a statement. “Especially on ‘Compress / Repress,’ which turns super epic in the end. Working with Trent and Atticus has been a dream come true; they’ve been so great and helpful during the entire process.”

The remixed album is now available to stream on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube among other streaming services.

Here’s the tracklist for Challengers [MIXED] by Boys Noize:

  1. “I Know” [MIXED]
  2. Yeah x10 [MIXED]
  3. L’oeuf [MIXED]
  4. Challengers [MIXED]
  5. Pre Signal [MIXED]
  6. The Signal [MIXED]
  7. Brutalizer [MIXED]
  8. Compress / Repress [MIXED]
  9. A New Year Carol [MIXED]


Challengers trailer music — What songs are in Challengers’ trailers?

Of course, the first indication to many that the musical approach of Challengers would push against the grain was in its deeply compelling trailers that helped to accentuate the leading horny competition.          


The first trailer was the first exposure for many to the film, which is led by a remix of Rihanna’s 2011 hit S&M, titled the “Maximum Bass 2011 Edit”. It’s tough to find, but it’s available to listen to on YouTube.

The second trailer comes with a fairly relevant song choice — it’s accompanied by Nelly Furtado’s 2006 track Maneater. It’s hard to say if these tracks will appear in the final film or if it will dedicate entirely to its score by Reznor and Ross, but we can imagine there’ll be a little bit of ‘00s pop flair peppered throughout the film.


Challengers soundtrack playlist — Where can I listen to the music from Challengers?

While we’re not sure what existing songs to expect from Challengers just yet, there are other options, as Soundtracker UK has offered fans a playlist of songs “from and inspired by Challengers” that gives you a one-stop shop for the film’s score, tracks from the trailers and a host of pop tracks that match the film’s atmosphere. The playlist features Reznor and Ross’ score remixed by Boys Noize, as well as:

  1. Your Silent Face – New Order
  2. Maneater – Nelly Furtado
  3. S&M – Rihanna
  4. Players – Coi Leray
  5. Arcadia – Nuno Freitas
  6. Doin’ Time – Lana Del Rey
  7. Bad Behaviour – Austin Milz, Remi Wolf
  8. the boy is mine – Ariana Grande
  9. The French Open – Foals
  10. Boys Like Flowers – Nuno Freitas
  11. I Wish you Rises – Kali Uchis
  12. Super Rich Kids – Frank Ocean, Earl Sweatshirt
  13. Just Friends – Nuno Freitas
  14. Toi Et Moi – Paradis
  15. Flowers – Miley Cyrus
  16. Money – Ryan Beatty
  17. Haircut – Ryan Beatty
  18. Hot Stuff – Kygo, Donna Summer
  19. I Feel Love – Donna Summer
  20. BREAK MY SOUL – Beyonce
  21. Your Teeth In My Neck – Kali Uchis
  22. Swimming Pool – Sped Up – Nuno Freitas
  23. I Feel Love – Afrojack Remix – Dona Summer, AFROJACK
  24. The Less I Know The Better – Tame Impala


CHALLENGERS opens in wide release April 24, 2004. The cast includes Zendaya (Tashi Duncan), Josh O’Conner (Patrick Zewig), Mike Faist (Art Donaldson), AJ Lister (Lily Donaldson) and Jake Jensen (Finn Larsen).




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