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Hulu’s The Greatest Hits movie puts an abnormal music-themed spin on time travel stories in innovative first trailer

March 14, 20244 Mins Read

Are you sick and tired of clichéd, trope-filled time-travel films? Hulu‘s wholly original take on this specific subgenre of sci-fi movies might be the perfect antidote.

Written and directed by Black Widow scribe Ned Benson, The Greatest Hits looks to breathe new life into time travel-based storytelling with its creative, music-themed, and romance-led spin on such flicks. I could wax lyrical about one of 2024’s new Hulu movies (it’ll also debut internationally on Disney Plus) and its eye-popping visuals and grief-laden plot in more detail, but I reckon you’re best seeing what all of the fuss is about yourself. So, take a look at The Greatest Hits‘ first trailer below:

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