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When Is Post Malone’s ‘Road House’ Song, ‘Horsepower,’ Streaming?

March 25, 20242 Mins Read

If you’ve seen Prime Video’s Road House remake, you may have spotted a familiar face in the opening scene. That beefy boxing man, brawling in a cage like he’s in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man? That’s good ol’ Post Malone. Oh, and the song thumping in the background as he pummels his opponent? That’s by Post Malone, too.

Even better: The song, called “Horsepower,” is actually good. We all know that when an artist crafts a single specifically for a film (though it’s unclear if Posty made the track for Road House or if it’s from his next album), the results are usually rough. Unless it’s a Bond song. If you stick around for the film’s credits, you’ll hear an extended cut of the country-inspired track, which features lyrics about riding horses, zooming around town, and chasing dreams—all sung over a kick-ass electric guitar. Could this be an early contender for song of the summer? I think so.

Here’s the catch: The song isn’t out yet. Post Malone hasn’t dropped “Horsepower” on any streaming platforms—and the artist hasn’t announced a release date for it, either. If we’re lucky, “Horsepower” will make its way into full radio rotation soon.

To celebrate his role in Road House, Post Malone posted some behind-the-scenes footage on Instagram. In the video, he says, “This is my first, like, real action sequence where I’m fighting. I’m having a great time. Everybody’s been so kind and [is] making me feel really comfortable. I’m honored to be, you know, a part of this beautiful process in this film. I’m super pumped to see how it goes.” The post’s caption? “Music and movies, what can’t he do?”

Damn right. Now, until “Horsepower” drops on music streaming services, feel free to watch Road House in perpetuity—we highly recommend it.

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