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Bocchi the Rock! compilation films trailer drops with opening song and release dates | English Movie News

March 25, 20244 Mins Read

At AnimeJapan 2024, the curtains closed with an electrifying finale as Aniplex unveiled a trailer and captivating key visual for the eagerly anticipated Bocchi the Rock! anime compilation films. The crowd erupted in excitement as the trailer not only unveiled the release dates of June 7 and August 9 for the duo of films but also offered a sneak peek into Kessoku Band‘s latest anthem.

「劇場総集編ぼっち・ざ・ろっく!」本予告|前編Re: 6月7日(金)/ 後編Re:Re: 8月9日(金) 公開!

With a burst of energy, the first film, aptly titled Bocchi the Rock! Re:, kicks off with a mesmerizing opening sequence featuring brand-new animation perfectly synced to the rhythm of Kessoku Band’s fresh melody, “Tsukinami ni Kagayaki” (Sparkle as Usual). Crafted by the talented Ai Higuchi on lyrics, -otoha- on composition, and Ritsuo Mitsui on arrangement, the song sets the tone for an exhilarating journey ahead.
Following closely, the second film, Bocchi the Rock! Re:Re:, promises to amplify the excitement even further, ensuring fans are in for a double dose of adrenaline-fueled entertainment.
Based on Aki Hamaji’s beloved four-panel manga, Bocchi the Rock! introduces us to the enigmatic Hitori “Bocchi-chan” (“Loner”) Gotō, a high school student whose soul resonates with the strings of her guitar. Living a solitary existence, she spends her days lost in the music until fate intervenes in the form of Nijika Ijichi, on a quest to recruit a guitarist for her band, “Kessoku Band.”
The anime’s stellar cast, including Yoshino Aoyama as the introspective Bocchi-chan, Sayumi Suzushiro as the determined Nijika Ijichi, Saku Mizuno as the supportive Ryо̄ Yamada, and Ikumi Hasegawa as the energetic Ikuyo Kita, breathe life into the vibrant world of Bocchi the Rock!

Under the expert direction of Keiichirō Saitō, known for his work on ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept. Regards, the television anime was brought to life by CloverWorks. Erika Yoshida, renowned for her contributions to Lupin III: Part IV, supervised and penned the captivating scripts, while the character designs, meticulously crafted by Kerorira of Wonder Egg Priority fame, added depth and personality to each frame.
Premiering on Tokyo MX, BS11, Gunma TV, and Tochigi TV in October 2022, the anime captivated audiences across Japan, later extending its reach to MRT Miyazaki Broadcasting, MBS, RKB Mainichi Broadcasting, and AT-X. Thanks to Crunchyroll, fans worldwide were able to join in on the musical journey as the series unfolded.
Since its inception in December 2017 in Houbunsha’s Manga Time Kirara Max magazine, Hamaji’s manga continues to enchant readers with its heartfelt story, promising an endless stream of musical magic yet to come.

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