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Bocchi the Rock Movies Get Official Release Date & New Trailer

March 27, 20244 Mins Read


  • The new trailer for
    Bocchi the Rock!
    ‘s compilation films confirms their release dates of June 7 and August 9.
  • There’s still no confirmation of the films coming to the West.
  • Kessoku Band releasing a new song hints at the films having new content that wasn’t in the anime.

Several months after the conclusion of the original anime, it was announced that Bocchi the Rock! would be receiving a pair of compilation films: Bocchi the Rock! Re: and Bocchi the Rock! Re:Re: There has been some criticism over the series not receiving a proper continuation with a second season, but new content for the franchise is still worthy of celebration for fans.

Bocchi the Rock!’s compilation films are plenty worth getting excited about, and new information about them has finally been revealed. At the Bocchi the Rock! panel at AnimeJapan 2024, not only did the compilation films receive a new trailer, but it was also announced that Bocchi the Rock! Re: and Bocchi the Rock! Re:Re: would be released on June 7 and August 9, respectively.

The trailer also does a good job of setting up original content for the films, which should quench criticism from fans and, of course, provide even more reason to be excited.


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When Will Bocchi The Rock!’s Compilation Films Be Released In The West?

The new character posters for Bocchi the Rock!

With the Bocchi the Rock! compilation films now having confirmed release dates, the question is when they can be expected to be released in the West. Considering the usual time frame for anime films being released outside of Japan, Bocchi the Rock! Re: and Bocchi the Rock! Re:Re: will likely be released in the fall or winter of 2024, possibly as a double feature like the recent Rascal Does Not Dream films. However, an official English release has yet to be confirmed, so it’s hard to make a definitive statement about anything.

Bocchi The Rock! Teases New Content For Its Compilation Films

Kessoku Band Has a New Song, which Could Mean New Content for the Movies

The first trailer for the Bocchi the Rock! compilation films didn’t reveal much, but it does suggest that there will be new content. The first trailer revealed that Kessoku Band, the in-universe band for the anime, would release a new song for the compilation films called “Sparkle as Usual”. Most of the songs in the anime were used for in-universe concerts, so that means that Kessoku Band’s new song could be a sign that Bocchi the Rock!’s compilation films will have new scenes for people to watch.


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Extending the concerts to have Kessoku Band play new songs would be the easiest way to have new scenes, but other things could be done, as well. The anime, for example, cut out a chapter that had the characters all studying together, and beyond that, the Bocchi the Rock! compilation films could also have new content setting up season 2’s story. There’s no way of knowing what changes there will be, if any, until Bocchi the Rock! Re: and Bocchi the Rock! Re:Re: actually release, but hopefully, there will be plenty to love for old and new fans alike.

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Bocchi the Rock!

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Release Date
October 9, 2022


Bocchi the Rock!

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