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Fallout: Breaking, new fan film from creator of the series that inspired Fallout New Vegas’ goofiest weapon, gets its first trailer

April 9, 20243 Mins Read

Yup, this month just has too many cool Fallout things too keep track of. While you’re probably aware of The Fallout TV Show, which we’ve just learned is now dropping via Amazon Prime on April 10, a number of fan projects and creations have also been arriving as part of the Fallout mania. The latest of these is the first trailer for Fallout: Breaking, a new fan film from someone you might be familiar with if you’re a series veteran.

For those who aren’t, here’s a little refresher. Back in the halcyon days of 2011, when the idea of a Fallout TV or movie adaptation seemed a little more like a pipe dream, Fallout: Nuka Break came out. Originally planned and released as a fan film, it ended up becoming a web series that ran for a couple of seasons, got some spin-offs, and was even referenced in Fallout New Vegas – via the Nuka-Breaker, a Nuka Cola sign melee weapon that’s part of the Gun Runners’ Arsenal DLC.

Now, Nuka Break’s creator, Zack Finfrock, is back with the first trailer for a new fan film he’s been working on, dubbed Fallout: Breaking. As well as featuring a Nuka-Breaker – don’t worry, someone does get hit with it – the first trailer for Breaking focuses on the main character, Twig, Finfrock’s role from Nuka Break that he’s reprising.

There are plenty of cameos from factions and iconography you know and love, as the trailer teases what Twig might be in for ten years on from the events of Nuka Break, which obviously took place before Fallout 4 was even a thing. The only line of dialogue uttered in it comes at the end, just as a cover of Vera Lynn’s ‘We’ll Meet Again’ starts to fade out.

“Hi, we’re gonna start over,” Frinfrock says as Twig, providing what’s likely a fun bit of meta-commentary on him returing to the world of Fallout fan films. It’s a cool little trailer, though if you’re desperate for a release date, you’ll just have to settle for a “coming soon”.

That said, since he began crowdfunding the project via GoFundMe back in January this year, Finfrock has been providing semi-regular updates on how it’s progressing, so odds are they’ll keep on coming, even if the orginally stated release goal of early April looks like it may no longer be on the cards. As of writing, Finfrock’s raised just under $22,000 of his current $25,000 target.

If you fancy watching a Fallout fan film that is already out while you wait for more news on Fallout Breaking, the fittingly-named Fallout Deadweight did arrive last week, and provides a bit of an alternate ending to Fallout 4.

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