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First-ever AI movie ‘Next Stop Paris” releases trailer

May 8, 20242 Mins Read

By: Dale Arasa
9 mins ago

Would you like to watch an AI-generated feature-length film? Chinese company TCLtv+ Studios will let you choose as it releases the trailer for the first-ever AI movie.

It is titled the film Next Stop Paris, and Interesting Engineering says it will launch this summer. 

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The outlet also says it blends “a unique romantic tale blending professional voice acting and an original script with AI-generated imagery.”

More details about the AI movie

Next Stop Paris Trailer Digital

The minute-long video teases the story of two young Americans who meet on a train to Paris and fall in love. 

The woman’s name is Claire, but the clip doesn’t mention the man’s name. Instead, it calls him “the dark mysterious kind of man who never shows his vulnerability.” 

The trailer shows them enjoying supposed parts of Paris: a park, an amusement park, a boat ride, and a romantic dance inside a clock tower. 

Later, they have a conflict that causes the man to ride a motorcycle away from Claire. Yet, he later admits he will return and never give up on her. 

TCL Chief Content Officer Chris Regina shared more details about the AI movie to tech insider website Tom’s Hardware. 

“It is a first for a trailer and for an entertainment company,” Regina said. “There is tremendous curiosity around AI. It’s a marketing differentiator.”

However, the film shows numerous common flaws in AI-generated content. For example, the characters unnaturally shimmer, and the backgrounds seem highly saturated. 

Nevertheless, Regina said TCLtv+ Studios is working with various technologies to resolve these issues. 

“Character consistency is a universal challenge in AI that we are all working to solve along with film shot selection and performance,” he said. 

The Chief Content Officer said the final product will be different from the trailer. “The work is never finished until delivered, much like all film and TV production,” he stated.

“With rapid technology advancement, we could easily keep shaping before the release, but we wanted to announce our AI studio and our entrance into original programming. Releasing the trailer provided a glimpse into what we’ve been working on.”

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