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New Batman Beyond Movie Trailer Is Too Good To Be True (Because It’s Fan-Made)

April 27, 20242 Mins Read

While this version of the futuristic crime fighter still looks amazing, there was almost a time when the tale of Terry McGinnis and his old mentor, Bruce Wayne, was set to appear in a live-action version of “Batman Beyond.” In December 2022, during an episode of “The Hot Mic,” Jeff Sneider revealed that plans had been in place for Michael Keaton’s Batman to return to the screen in a project penned by Christina Hudson, only for James Gunn and Peter Safran to kill the project to make way for their newly remodeled DC Universe. 

After that, Umberto Gonzalez from TheWrap took to social media, addressing Jeff Sneider by saying, “The ‘solo’ Michael Keaton Batman movie you’re talking about that Christina Hodson was writing was in fact the BATMAN BEYOND movie.”

While that never came to pass, at least fans got to see a seasoned Bruce Wayne with “The Flash,” which proved Michael Keaton’s Batman Beyond should never have been canceled. Perhaps, after finding a second life and returning as the Dark Knight, there might be a chance for a third attempt somewhere down the line, be it in live action or animated and looking as good as this awesome take.

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