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New Chuck Norris Action Movie Agent Recon Gets Trailer

May 8, 20241 Mins Read

Chuck Norris is back with another movie. Quiver Distribution has released an Agent Recon trailer previewing the upcoming action film.

Alongside Norris, Agent Recon also stars Derek Ting and Marc Singer. The project is written and directed by Ting as well, and is set to release digitally and via on-demand services on June 21, 2024.

Check out the Agent Recon trailer below (watch other clips and trailers):


What is Agent Recon about?

“A covert military task force tracks a mysterious energy disturbance at a secret base in New Mexico that is suspected of experimenting on alien technology,” reads the film’s synopsis. “Once there, the team encounters an unknown being of extraordinary strength and speed, and the ability to control an army of mindless warriors. The trio must fight through the unstoppable hordes to prevent humanity’s demise.”

Norris is an action movie icon, having starred in several action and martial arts film throughout his career. Some of his biggest movies include A Force of One, The Octagon, An Eye for an Eye, and The Way of the Dragon, which he starred in alongside the legendary Bruce Lee.

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