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WATCH: The gayest movie & TV trailers that dropped in March 2024

March 29, 20245 Mins Read

Image Credit: ‘Summer’ / The Male Gaze: Boy Trouble,’ NQV Media

Spring has officially sprung, and with the new season there’s a new crop of exciting LGBTQ+ films and television series in bloom.

And, as is custom here at Queerty, it’s time for us to look back on all of the best and gayest trailers that have dropped in the past month. This March brought fresh looks at comedic festival favorites, the seconds seasons of two very different LGBTQ+ friendly shows, a sleek new spin on one of our favorite queer villains, and a documentary that looks at the secret gay relationship behind some of the most beloved movies ever

To help you stay ahead of it all, we’ve assembled a recap of the best and gayest trailers that hit the internet throughout March with reminders of when and where you can watch each title. Check them all out below and mark your calendars accordingly!

The Male Gaze: Boy Trouble

The Male Gaze gay short film anthology series has been going strong since 2019, and their latest collection—subtitled Boy Trouble—assembles four stories from emerging filmmakers from around the globe, each centering around encounters with mysterious new men. From peeping toms to bad-boy motorcyclists, will these handsome strangers lead us to new experiences and new romances, or just a whole lot more “boy trouble”?

Available on Amazon Prime Video beginning April 1.

Loot, Season 2

The never-not-hilarious Maya Rudolph leads this charming workplace comedy about billionaire Molly Wells’ crisis of conscience and her efforts to make a difference with piles and piles of cash. The entire ace ensemble returns for season two, including hottie Joel Kim Booster as Molly’s sharp assistant, Nicholas, and Michaela Jaé Rodriguez as her no-nonsense colleague Sofia, who appears to get a love interest this time around!

The new season premieres April 3 on AppleTV+.


Fresh off his acclaimed work in All Of Us Strangers, Andrew Scott headlines this new take on Patricia Highsmith’s iconic literary antihero, Tom Ripley. Shot in gorgeous black-and-white, the series adapts The Talented Mr. Ripley, following the amateur conman as he travels to Italy, tapped to convince would-be playboy Dickie Greenleaf (Johnny Flynn) to return home. But when obsession takes hold, the bodies start piling up.

Dropping on Netflix on April 5.

The People’s Joker

Indie filmmaker Vera Drew brilliantly skirts parody law and blends mediums to tell a madcap trans coming-of-age story using some familiar batty crimefighters and villains in The People’s Joker. After making its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, it seemed like Warner Bros. would never let Drew’s vision—and her liberal use of Batman lore—see the light of day, so it’s a small miracle its getting a theatrical release!

Playing in select theaters beginning April 5.

Stress Positions

Sundance standout satire Stress Positions takes us back to the early days of lockdown for a slapstick farce and serious skewering of queer millennial culture. Written, directed by, and starring Nymphowars podcaster Theda Hammel, the comedy follows gay divorcée Terry Goon (John Early) as he attempts to follow strict health safety protocols while caring for his bedridden nephew—a gorgeous 19-year-old Moroccan model (Qaher Harhash).

Opening in New York City on April 19, then expanding to select theaters on April 26.

Interview With The Vampire, Season 2

After a far-too-long delay, AMC’s exceptionally sensual and brooding queer take on Anne Rice’s Interview With The Vampire returns for season two. This time, gentleman vampire Louis (Jacob Anderson) and his confidante Claudia (now played by Delainey Hayles) head to Paris to begin a new after-life with a vampiric acting troupe, but it’s only a matter of time before the past—namely the feisty Lestat (Sam Reid)—catches up with them.

Premiering on AMC and AMC+ on May 12.

Merchant Ivory

James Ivory and Ismail Mechant are one of the most successful filmmaking duos in cinematic history, making 43 gorgeous films together over 50 years, including classics like A Room With A View, Howards End, and trailblazing gay romance Maurice. They were also in love, though they were understandably quiet about that in the press. This documentary assembles friends and collaborators to look back at their quietly powerful legacy.

Stay tuned for more film festival dates and further release details.

Extremely Unique Dynamic

Best friends and Ivan Leung and Harrison Xu got together to make a movie about best friends getting together to make a movie about best friends getting… well, you get it! The delightfully meta Extremely Unique Dynamic is a head-trips toner buddy comedy examining the bond between a gay man and his straight best friend, using its high-concept, low-budget setup to tell a story both touchingly personal and completely bonkers.

Stay tuned for more film festival dates and further release details.

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