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X-MEN ’97 Director On Mid-Season Trailer’s Captain America Tease And Other Future Cameos

April 14, 20243 Mins Read

Disney+ recently released a mid-season trailer for X-Men ’97, giving us some idea of what’s to come in the aftermath of this week’s shocking fifth episode, and it included a pretty big hint that Captain America will be showing up before the season concludes.

Though Steve Rogers himself doesn’t appear in the promo, we do see his iconic vibranium shield land in the snow by the feet of an unidentified character (we’d guess Rogue based on the color of the boots).

During an interview with Screen Rant, the show’s lead director and Marvel Studios supervising producer Jake Castorena was asked about this tease and other potential cameos.

“You’re gonna see cameos and while I will hesitate to confirm verbally who we will see, [I’ll] let the footage speak for itself and let you ponder that how much you will but what I can say is, something that I spoke with earlier and a talking point that comes up with this episode in particular, are consequences.”

It sounds like the events of “Remember It” are going to have wider reaching consequences than we realize, with the effects of the Wild Sentinel attack likely felt around the world. This might explain why Captain America decides to get involved.

“The act of something so shocking, something, that really can both bring people together and its core or divide them like they’ve never been before. That’s what I would say is for fans to look forward to cameos or what characters may or may not come in.”

As for other possible cameos, Castorena declined to reveal any names, but he did indicate that future episodes (and seasons) will feature some characters from the original ’90s series as well as some that we “may not have seen animated before.”

“Some personal favorite characters and some that may have been in the OG show and that we’ve seen before, maybe glimpses in some that we may not have seen animated before. But you will just have to stay tuned in to find out. But yes, I can confirm that there will be cameos and new characters and it will be good.”

As for the characters we lost in “Remember It”, there’s obviously a chance the likes of Magneto and Gambit will return down the line (time-travel has already been well-established, after all), but Castorena recently suggested that the deaths will stick – at least for the foreseeable future.

Check out the “War” TV spot below, and let us know if you’ve been enjoying X-Men ’97 in the comments section.

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