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Blumhouse’s Wolf Man Producer Uses MCU And DC Movies To Explain Where Horror Remake Fits In Universal’s Dark Universe

May 16, 20244 Mins Read

Just about any rundown of upcoming horror movies is going to feature a few high-profile remakes in the bunch, such is the genre’s way. One of the more anticipated revamps (or re-wolfs, as it were) is Universal and Blumhouse’s The Wolf Man, with Invisible Man’s Leigh Whannel handling directing and co-writing duties. The latest remake debuted its first footage at CinemaCon 2024 to high praise, but without fully contextualizing the film’s place within the studio’s overall Dark Universe plans. Now, one producer has shed new light on how interconnected this franchise is meant to be.

Ken Kao, who is also serving as a producer on the 2024 horror Cuckoo and the upcoming novel adaptation of Andy Weir’s Project Hail Mary, spoke with ScreenRant about whether or not Universal’s latest throwback to its Classic Monsters line-up fits under the overarching Dark Universe umbrella. And he brought up Marvel and DC movies to make his point more clear. Here’s how he put it when asked:

Well, I think you’ve probably got to set an interview with the powers that be at Uni to get a clear answer on that one. That’s above my pay grade, truly. But as an outsider, I would say that the Mummy’s Dark Universe, in my humble opinion, felt like it was reactive to what was going on with all the superhero stuff — the MCU and DC universe. And we know there’s been a lot of talk about what happened with all that [in] the last year or so. I guess you could call it maybe more like the Joker approach.

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