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Daisy Ridley Wants the Same Thing We Do From Her Upcoming Star Wars Movie

April 2, 20242 Mins Read

If you know anything about Star Wars, it’s very easy to speculate about what the new movie starring Daisy Ridley will be. Ridley’s character, Rey, is going to be at the center of a New Jedi Order, so you picture new Jedi, new characters learning to use the Force, and ultimately their rising good being balanced with a rising evil.

But who will those new Jedi be? We don’t know for sure yet. But, don’t forget that Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker had a very purposeful tease that John Boyega’s character Finn was starting to feel something. And, most assume, that something was the Force, which is why he wanted to talk to Rey about it.

All of which is set up to a new quote from Rey herself, Daisy Ridley. When asked by Screenrant if Finn could become a Jedi in the upcoming movie, she said “That is above my pay grade,” followed by a laugh. “I would love to see that, but that is not a decision for me.” Which, clearly, is all true. The lead actress doesn’t dictate what happens in the film but it’s nice to know she has the same wants as the fans.

Because while Ridley may not dictate casting, the story does. And The Rise of Skywalker, love it or hate it, sets up a very important lead character as a Force user. So it would make so much sense to bring Boyega back. If he wants to come back, of course.

That’s the subtext in this story. John Boyega has, rightfully, been vocal about his disappointment with the direction of the Finn character and his overall time in the Star Wars universe. Would he still come back after all of that? Is there a number he’d agree to? We don’t know. One thing is for sure though. Both Ridley and the fans are on the same page here: bring John Boyega back as Finn, the Jedi, in the next chapter of the Star Wars saga.

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