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Is a Cars Live-Action Movie Releasing In 2025? New Speculation Explained

April 3, 20243 Mins Read

Fans wonder whether a potential live-action remake of Disney and Pixar’s Cars movie is being prepped for a 2025 release.

Speculation on Live-Action 2025 Cars Movie

A new poster is making the rounds on social media, primarily Facebook, teasing a live-action remake of Disney and Pixar’s Cars being prepared for theatrical debut.

The poster highlights Owen Wilson’s Lightning McQueen from the original 2006 computer-animated film as he sits in the middle of a field with dirt on his bumper and a smirk. It also lists a 2025 release date:

fan-made Cars poster, Disney, Pixar

The description teases Wilson reprising his role as he embraces a “heartwarming journey of friendship, determination, and discovery” in a retelling of the original film:


Get ready to race into a world of adventure with the all-new live action remake of the beloved animated movie, ‘CARS,’ coming to theaters in 2025! Join Lightning McQueen, once again voiced by the Owen Wilson, as he shifts gears on a heartwarming journey of friendship, determination, and discovery. Perfect for the entire family, this revved-up retelling brings the charming town of Radiator Springs and its colorful inhabitants to spectacular life like never before.”

Unfortunately, this poster is fake as it comes from a Facebook page for creating fake posters for hypothetical movies and TV shows. There are no plans for a live-action Cars movie, meaning it will not debut in 2025.

Will Pixar’s Cars Franchise Have a Live-Action Remake?

Disney is no stranger to making live-action remakes of its most notable animated movies, as seen with billion-dollar box office hits such as 2017’s Beauty and the Beast and 2019’s Aladdin and The Lion King.

However, even taking that success into account, there are no indications that Disney and Pixar will bring any of their computer-animated movies into the live-action world.

Currently, Pixar has no intention of slowing down the production of new movies, largely focusing on animated sequels to its biggest properties, such as Frozen 3, Zootopia 2, and Toy Story 5.

Should those films bring the level of success the studio hopes for, there may not even be a need to dive into the live-action route.

On the other hand, considering how much success Disney has found taking that avenue for remakes of hand-drawn animated features, Pixar movies could be next on the docket for a reboot.

The full Cars trilogy is streaming on Disney+.

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