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New ‘Civil War’ Poster Divides America Into Warring Factions

April 2, 20243 Mins Read

The Big Picture

  • The United States is divided into factions in the upcoming film
    Civil War
    , with citizens forced to choose sides.
  • The plot follows journalists traveling with the military in a dystopian future America torn apart by conflict.
  • Director Alex Garland’s latest sci-fi action movie, features a stellar cast, promises thrills, chills, and explosive sequences when it hits theaters on April 12.

Citizens of the United States will need to declare their loyalty when the film arrives on April 12.

The battle lines are being drawn in a new poster for Alex Garland’s upcoming sci-fi action, flick, Civil War. Divided into four groupings, the image reveals what the separated chunks of the country will be named and where they’ll fall. California and Texas unite as one under the banner of the Western Forces, while Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and others in the vicinity make up the Florida Alliance. Spanning from Nevada to the East Coast with states like Colorado, New Mexico, Kansas, Ohio, Maine, Vermont, and Rhode Island in the mix is the largest grouping, which will be referred to as the Loyalist States. Finally, much of the Pacific Northwest and areas including Utah, Minnesota, Montana, and more make up the New People’s Army.

Eerily appropriate for the times we’re living in, Civil War tells the not-so-hard-to-believe story of a dystopian future in which America is unraveling. Unable to view differences as a strength, the country has been torn into different factions, with all hell breaking loose from sea to shining sea. At the heart of the story is a group of journalists, traveling with the military to make it to Washington, D.C. before one of the opposing armies makes it there first. Boasting a line-up of top-tier performers, Garland’s latest collaboration with A24 stars Kirsten Dunst (Bring It On), Wagner Moura (Narcos), Cailee Spaeny (Priscilla), Nick Offerman (The Last of Us), Stephen McKinley (Dune: Part One), Jesse Plemons (The Power of the Dog), and Sonoya Mizuno (House of the Dragon).

It’s been two years since Garland dropped his last feature, Men, and fans have been patiently waiting for the talented filmmaker to return with more well-penned and executed plots packed with talent. Since flexing his writing skills for the first time in feature-length form for Danny Boyle’s 2002 apocalyptic horror film, 28 Days Later, Garland has continuously hit audiences with thrills, chills, and explosive sequences. We’re expecting plenty more of where that came from in Civil War, with some of the filmmaker’s more interesting tricks of the trade already surfacing in featurettes.

Spring 2024: A Terrific Season For Film

Along with Civil War, which is already receiving rave reviews from critics, the change of season is welcoming a slew of other highly-regarded titles. Of course, March ushered in Denis Villeneuve’s Dune: Part Two with other highly-anticipated titles, including Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire and Late Night with the Devil also haunting theaters around the globe. The rest of April will also drop movies such as The First Omen, Abigail, Monkey Man, Sasquatch Sunset, and more.

Check out the divisive image from Civil War below and learn everything there is to know about Garland’s latest sci-fi masterpiece in our lengthy guide.

A green poster featuring the US divided into factions for Civil War
Image via A24

Civil War Film Poster

Civil War

The film follows events in the U.S. during a civil war. Government forces attack civilians. Journalists are shot in the Capitol.

Release Date
April 12, 2024

Alex Garland

Main Genre

Alex Garland

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