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The 44 Most-Anticipated New Movies of Summer 2024

May 29, 202426 Mins Read

Snarky superhero movies, sequels galore, rom-coms, horror flicks and a whole lot of star power — welcome to your complete, curated guide to this summer’s must-sees

Summer’s here — which means summer movies are back. The fact that we now get big-budget, big-tentpole blockbusters all year round may have dulled the sensation of slipping into an air-conditioned multiplex and losing yourself among the thrills, spills, chills and CGI explosions during the season’s dog days. And yes, last year’s strike certainly disrupted the industry’s usual pipeline of production, which you’ll certainly feel over the next few months. But that doesn’t mean you won’t get, say, a snarky superhero movie. Or a sequel/threequel/prequel to one of a half-dozen franchises. Or the type of movie where things go boom in full, ear-deafening Dolby surround-sound.

And while the summer movie season officially kicked off on Memorial Day weekend with the release of Furiosa — a perfect opening slavo to a three-month period we associate with full-on blockbusterapaloozas — there’s something for virtually everyone hitting theaters, streaming services and arthouses near you before Labor Day weekend. We’ve singled out 44 films hitting screens this summer that will make you laugh, cry, gasp, shriek and, in some cases, levitate out of your seat through sheer joy. Here’s our non-comprehensive but highly curated list of what you need to see from now until end of the August. Enjoy the show(s).

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