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Whalefall Movie: What We Know So Far About The Upcoming Book Adaptation

March 26, 20245 Mins Read

When movie lovers think of the most intense thrillers set at sea, the best shark movies — such as Steven Spielberg’s Jaws or the fact-based horror movie, Open Water — might come to mind. However, admirers of classic literature might have a softer spot for stories in which a human protagonist comes into conflict with an even grander beast: the whale. You may have likely heard of the biblical story of Jonah or author Herman Melville’s epic, influential 1851 book, Moby-Dick, but are you familiar with a more recent novel called Whalefall?

If not, you surely will soon, because the 2023 book has been optioned for a movie that is currently in the works at Disney’s 20th Century Studios. So, exactly what sort of conflict does the human protagonist of this story face when he encounters the large mammal, and who is bringing this story to life for the big screen? We shall reveal that and other important details in our following guide to everything that we know so far about the upcoming film, Whalefall.

What Is The Whalefall Release Date?

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