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Starring Daisy Edgar-Jones, Anthony Ramos

May 28, 20248 Mins Read

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Twisters 2024: Starring Daisy Edgar-Jones, Anthony Ramos

“Twisters 2024” is the long-awaited follow-up to the famous 1996 movie “Twister.” This thrilling journey, which is set to come out on July 19, 2024, follows a new generation of storm chasers as they brave dangerous tornadoes to test a new weather alert system. 

Starring Daisy Edgar-Jones, Anthony Ramos, Glen Powell, and directed by Lee Isaac Chung, “Twisters 2024” looks like it will have thrilling images and an interesting plot. What the movie is about, who’s in it, where it was filmed, and a lot more are all covered in this piece.

Is There a Movie Called Twisters 2024?

Kate Cooper in a car, one looking back, stormy weather outside.

Photo Credit: Universal Pictures

Twisters 2024” is a real movie, and it’s the long-awaited follow-up to the 1996 hit “Twister.” Universal Pictures is making this action-packed adventure movie, which will come out on July 19, 2024. It was directed by Lee Isaac Chung

The movie looks like it will be full of exciting storm-chasing adventures, with cutting-edge special effects and an interesting plot that looks at how different storm systems come together.

Release Date and Basic Information

  • Title: Twisters 2024
  • Release Date: July 19, 2024
  • Rating: PG-13
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Thriller
  • Director: Lee Isaac Chung
  • Production Companies: Universal Pictures, Warner Bros., Amblin Entertainment

Cast and Crew

The film boasts an impressive cast, including:

  • Daisy Edgar-Jones as Kate Cooper
  • Glen Powell as Tyler Owens
  • Maura Tierney
  • Katy O’Brian
  • Kiernan Shipka
  • David Corenswet
  • Paul Scheer
  • Anthony Ramos

“Twisters 2024” is going to be a great movie thanks to its skilled writers, who include Mark L. Smith, Joseph Kosinski, and the famous Michael Crichton.

Is Twister 1996 a True Story?

Kate Cooper in a field, looking determined, with a vehicle behind.

Photo Credit: Universal Pictures

The 1996 movie “Twister” is not based on a true story. Instead, it was inspired by the job of storm chasing in real life. The movie shows the exciting and risky lives of storm chasers who studies storm patterns and try to make tornado warning systems better.

Inspiration Behind Twister 1996

Even though “Twister” isn’t based on real events, it does show the dangers and thrills of storm chasing. The movie follows a group of storm chasers as they try to use a brand-new tracking system in the middle of a very active storm season.

Impact and Legacy of Twister 1996

The movie “Twister” had a lasting impact on culture and sparked a broad interest in storm chasing adventures. Many people wanted to learn more about meteorology and bad weather because of how realistically it showed tornadoes and the lives of storm chasers.

  • Cultural Impact: “Twister” made storm chasing more famous and changed how people thought about tornadoes and storm chasers.
  • Technological Impact: Stressed how important high-tech tracking systems are for figuring out and predicting storm trends.

Is Twisters Just a Remake?

Explosion at an industrial site, large flames visible at night.

Photo Credit: Universal Pictures

In contrast to other sequels, “Twisters 2024” is a new story that builds on the original “Twister” story. It pays tribute to the original, but it also has new characters and a more modern plot about various storm systems coming together during a very bad storm season.

Comparison to the Original Twister

“Twisters 2024” keeps the main ideas of storm chasing but changes the story and characters to make them more relatable to modern audiences. It looks into how changes in weather trends and new technologies make storm season worse.

  • Original Plot: Storm chasers were putting in place a new tornado warning system in the original plot.
  • Updated Plot: A new breed of storm chasers and a reckless social media superstar are at the center of the updated plot.

Unique Aspects of Twisters 2024

The sequel brings in new ideas and people while keeping the thrilling feel of the first book.

  • New Characters: Daisy Edgar-Jones plays a former storm chaser haunted by the past, and Glen Powell plays a scientist who is studying storm patterns.
  • Modern Technology: It involves a revolutionary new tracking system and the problems that a careless social media star causes.
  • Fresh Storyline: Looks at how storm chasers and the public are affected by longer storm seasons and the coming together of various storm systems.

“Twisters 2024” is going to be a big hit because it has both old and new, exciting storm-chasing adventures. Fans can’t wait for the next installment in the “Twister” series to come out, which is getting closer and closer.

What Is the Plot of Twisters 2024?

Tyler Owens wearing a cowboy hat and sunglasses, speaking passionately outdoors.

Photo Credit: Universal Pictures

“Twisters 2024” tells the exciting story of storm chasers who have to find their way through the dangerous Central Oklahoma plains. The movie is about Kate Cooper, played by Daisy Edgar-Jones, a former storm watcher who can’t get over a terrible event that happened to her in college. 

She meets Tyler Owens, played by Glen Powell, a driven scientist who is working on a new tracking system to learn more about these scary things. As the storm season intensifies, teams are racing against the clock to figure out how to survive the various storm systems that are coming together in the area.

Synopsis of Twisters 2024

The movie starts with Kate Cooper quitting storm chasing because of a bad past. But the start of a very busy storm season pulls her back into the field. Tyler Owens, with whom she works, is making a groundbreaking new tracking system that will help people figure out how storms will move more accurately. 

They are constantly running into bad things on the trip while trying to keep their loud crew safe, which makes it very dangerous.

  • Main Characters: Kate Cooper, Tyler Owens
  • Setting: Central Oklahoma, during an intense storm season
  • Plot Highlights: Highlights of the plot include how various storm systems come together, how a new tracking system is made, and the problems that storm chasers have to deal with.

Themes and Storyline Highlights

“Twisters 2024” is about being strong, coming up with new ideas, and always wanting to learn more. The characters have to face their fears and painful memories from the past while also dealing with the storms’ current dangers.

  • Resilience: Kate’s journey through getting over her past and going back to storm chasing.
  • Innovation: Tyler’s commitment to making storm tracking technology better is an example of innovation.
  • Team Dynamics: Team dynamics are how competing teams interact with each other and how friendly storm chasers are with each other.

Where Was Twisters 2024 Filmed?

Most of “Twisters 2024” was shot in Central Oklahoma, which was chosen for its famous storm-chasing scenery and the realness they add to the movie. The open fields and frequent tornadoes in the area make the intense weather scenes in the movie seem real.

Filming Locations

By choosing Central Oklahoma, the filmmakers were able to show how rough and random storm-chasing can be. Rural areas and small towns that are often hit by bad weather are important places to be.

  • Primary Location: Central Oklahoma
  • Notable Areas: Rural landscapes, small towns
  • Authenticity: The location helps in portraying the real-life challenges faced by storm chasers.

Behind-the-Scenes Insights

To safely film in places that often get bad weather, the creation of “Twisters 2024” required a lot of planning and coordination. To make sure the cast and team were safe screens safely, the filmmakers worked closely with the local government and weather experts.

  • Safety Measures: Careful planning to avoid filming during active storms.
  • Local Collaboration: Working with local weather experts and authorities.
  • Visual Effects: Enhancing the realism of storm scenes through cutting-edge visual effects technology.

Key Takeaways

“Twisters 2024” stands out as a much-anticipated follow-up that combines cutting-edge technology with the thrills of the first movie. The movie, which was directed by Lee Isaac Chung and produced by Patrick Crowley, looks at storm chasing experiences in a new way. 

It promises exciting visual effects and an interesting plot, with Daisy Edgar-Jones and Anthony Ramos in the lead roles. The official twisters trailer shows how big and strong the storm systems are that are coming together in Central Oklahoma.

  • Director: Lee Isaac Chung
  • Produced by: Patrick Crowley
  • Key Cast: Daisy Edgar-Jones, Anthony Ramos
  • Plot: The story is about storm chasers who deal with multiple storm systems converging in Central Oklahoma.
  • Visuals: Stunning visual effects and realistic storm scenes.
  • Release Date: July 19, 2024
  • Anticipation: High hopes for the movie because of its strong cast and production team.


When will Twisters 2024 be released?

“Twisters 2024” hits theaters on July 19, 2024. Get ready for a wild ride with its raucous crew and intense tornado scenes.

Is Twisters 2024 a sequel to the original Twister?

Yes, it’s an exciting update to the 1996 film “Twister,” with new storm-chasing adventures and devastating encounter.

Who are the main actors in Twisters 2024?

Daisy Edgar-Jones stars alongside Glen Powell, leading a dynamic cast in this thrilling sequel.

Was Twister 1996 based on a true story?

No, the original “Twister” was fiction, inspired by real storm chasers and their dramatic lives.

Where was Twisters 2024 filmed?

The film was shot primarily in Oklahoma City, capturing the action where competing teams find themselves amidst real tornado territory.

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