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Famous Pranks From Bollywood Movies Which Will Make You Go ROFL

April 1, 20241 Mins Read

The film has Ramprasad Sharma played by Amol Palekar and Bhavani Shankar played by Utpal Dutt as the two leads. A young man named Ramprasad Sharma, while looking for a job, gets a call from Bhavani Shankar’s business executive office, for an interview. Bhavani Shankar has a quirky rule at his office which is nothing but, the man (his worker) should be filled with traditional family values, he must have a mustache, and he must be a person with zero hobbies. To get the job, Ramprasad changes his personality to the one whom Bhavani wants at his office. He also succeeds in getting the job with his false personality. One day, he gets caught by his boss at a hockey match and from there the twist begins with a comical plot.

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