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After Brie Larson Channeled Claudia Schiffer, Zendaya’s Latest Challengers Dress Was An Ode To Cindy Crawford

April 17, 20243 Mins Read

Hollywood starlets like Zendaya and Brie Larson know how to blow audiences away with their performances. All eyes are also on the two when they make their red carpet appearances, and it’s always so exciting when their looks are odes to the fashionistas that came before them. Now, just like when Larson gave a nod to model Claudia Schiffer during the SAG Awards, Zendaya tore a page from Cindy Crawford’s glam book for her latest Challengers dress.

For each red carpet premiere of the upcoming tennis film Challengers, Zendaya has been showing her “serves” by method dressing to her new movie’s tennis theme. For the Milan photocall of the Luca Guadagnino film, the actress wore a white vintage dress that Cindy Crawford wore donned upon a time. Take a look at the glamorous photo below:

Zendaya attends the photocall for the movie

(Image credit: Stefania D’Alessandro/Getty Images)

Back in 1991, before Zendaya was even born, supermodel Cindy Crawford wore a white Ralph Lauren dress during New York Fashion Week. So, to promote her film on the 2024 movie schedule, Zendaya channeled the runaway model by wearing the same white collared halter-necked dress! The Euphoria actress accessorized the look with classic white heels and even had similar blond hues in her hair that was parted to one side. You can argue that this look also resembles the all-white ensemble many female tennis players wear. 

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