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Watch Jerry Seinfeld, Melissa McCarthy and more in star-studded 1st trailer for Pop-Tarts film

March 29, 20243 Mins Read

Jerry Seinfeld just shared a trailer of “Unfrosted: The Pop-Tart Story,” and it’s pastry perfection.

In the preview, which was shared during Seinfeld’s recent visit to “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” the actor can be seen playing a Kellogg’s employee alongside his coworker, Melissa McCarthy, as they try to beat Post to becoming the first company to invent the Pop-Tart.

“Whoever gets to the shelves first is going to win this thing,” Seinfeld says in the trailer, as he and McCarthy are seen giving it their all in multiple clips.

At one part, the White House is shown, and then Seinfeld and McCarthy are seen showing their design of the snack to a higher-up — who quickly shuts the drawing down.

“What are you guys? 5 years old?” he says. “Little John John draws better than that, and I think there’s something wrong with him.”

The rest of the clip features more funny jokes, like a woman asking Seinfeld why her husband exploded at a cereal company, to which he just shrugs his shoulders.

Melissa McCarthy in the Melissa McCarthy in the

Melissa McCarthy in the

Hugh Grant also makes an appearance in the trailer, wearing an ensemble that seems to resemble that of the beloved cereal mascot, Tony the Tiger.

Read on for everything you need to know about Seinfeld’s upcoming “Unfrosted” film, from details on the cast to its release date.

What is ‘Unfrosted’ about?

Set in 1963, “Unfrosted” is about Kellogg’s employees who go through a cutthroat, breakneck race against Post to create the Pop-Tart. While the film is loosely based on real events, Seinfeld told Netflix on March 28 that much of it is dramatized and made-up.

“This really did happen in Battle Creek, Michigan, where Kellogg’s and Post were located, and they did compete to come up with this product,” Seinfeld told the brand. “But the rest of it is complete lunacy.”

Netflix describes the movie as “a tale of ambition, betrayal, sugar, and menacing milkmen.”

When is ‘Unfrosted’ coming out?

“Unfrosted” is set to be released on Netflix May 3.

Who is starring in ‘Unfrosted’?

Many actors will be making an appearance in “Unfrosted.”

According to Netflix, Seinfeld will appear in the film alongside Melissa McCarthy, Jim Gaffigan, Amy Schumer, Hugh Grant, Max Greenfield, Christian Slater, Bill Burr, Daniel Levy, James Marsden, Jack McBrayer, Thomas Lennon, Bobby Moynihan, Adrian Martinez, Sarah Cooper and Fred Armisen.

On “The Tonight Show,” host Jimmy Fallon revealed that Grant will be playing the iconic children’s character Tony the Tiger. He shared a photo of the actor looking very displeased while wearing a Tony the Tiger costume and holding a bag of cereal.

Hugh Grant in the Tony the Tiger costume in the Hugh Grant in the Tony the Tiger costume in the

Hugh Grant in the Tony the Tiger costume in the

“How did you get Hugh Grant to do this?” Fallon asked Seinfeld.

“He’s very unhappy because the character is Thurl Ravenscroft, which is the real name of the guy who did the voice of Tony the Tiger,” he explained. “And so I imagined this guy as a frustrated Shakespearean actor who has to play this embarrassing character to make his car payments and Hugh Grant is perfect for that.

Seinfeld also said that Grant was the one who asked to play the role.

“He called us and he said, ‘I want to be in the Pop-Tart movie,’” Seinfeld shared.

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