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Zoe Saldana plays an undocumented immigrant in gripping trailer

March 23, 20242 Mins Read

‘The Absence of Eden’: Zoe Saldana plays an undocumented immigrant in gripping trailer

Zoe Saldana is about to make her big-screen debut in the movie The Absence of Eden.

Entertainment Weekly, the publication that unveiled the movie’s trailer first, explained Saldana’s character as an undocumented immigrant.

Saldana’s character teams up with an ethically dubious ICE agent in the film’s plan to save an innocent girl from a vicious mob.

“Your crops, your children, your future. We make it all real. And what do you do? You just stand there and take and take and take and take and take,” Saldana yells in an excruciating moment of the trailer.

Her spouse, visual artist, writer, and producer Marco Perego, makes his directorial debut with the upcoming movie, The Absence of Eden.

“I think from the artistic perspective what was interesting to me was why history is always coming around, and why human beings don’t really try to look inside themselves and try to really advance in the next level of human behaviour,” Perego told the outlet.

Continuing his conversation, he added, “The movie is not about the border; the movie is about humanity. It is a question about human beings.”

The movie is allegedly based on a sculpture he created in 2017 that showed children from Syria escaping to Italy while he filled 714 shoes with concrete. 

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