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Austin Butler’s New Movie Continues A Great Trend Started 5 Years Ago

March 30, 20244 Mins Read


  • Austin Butler’s trend of working with visionary directors continues with upcoming crime thriller.
  • Butler consistently chooses quality over quantity when it comes to roles in his movies.
  • Caught Stealing will showcase Butler in a morally gray role, setting it apart from his previous films.

Austin Butler‘s upcoming crime thriller continues an amazing five-year trend that the actor’s most recent body of work continues to maintain. Some of Austin Butler’s best movies and TV shows have seen the actor take on roles ranging from historical serial killers to music icons, but the common thread between them lies in the actor’s commitment to delivering as authentic a performance as possible. Butler’s most recent, Dune: Part 2, is enjoying critical plaudits globally, with much of the praise directed at the actor’s enthralling performance as Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen.

Additionally, some of Butler’s highest-grossing movies lend themselves to the collaborations between himself and the directors attached to the respective projects. Even if his role isn’t particularly big, Butler has consistently proven to be one of his generation’s most consistent and committed actors. As such, his star power has seen him rise above teenage rom-com affairs to taking on the daunting role of Elvis Presley. Regardless of the subjects covered, Butler’s upcoming movie continues a great trend that the actor has maintained since 2019.


Austin Butler’s 10 Best Movies, Ranked

Austin Butler has been gaining notoriety and fame for his roles in film and television, and as his star grows he has been in even more great movies.

Austin Butler’s Darren Aronofsky Collaboration Continues His Trend Of Starring In Auteur-Driven Movies

Butler will star in Aronofsky’s Caught Stealing.

Austin Butler as Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen in Dune Part Two

Butler’s collaboration with Darren Aronofsky in the upcoming crime thriller, Caught Stealing, will continue Butler’s trend of working with visionary and respected directors since his supporting role in Jim Jarmusch’s 2019 zombie thriller, The Dead Don’t Die. Butler then starred in Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood later the same year, which firmly established him as one of the industry’s rising stars. Since his work in the 2019 period piece, Butler has worked with visionary director Baz Luhrmann in 2022’s Elvis, before working with Denis Villenueve in 2024’s Dune: Part 2.

While the details surrounding Butler’s upcoming collaboration with Aronofsky for
Caught Stealing
, both the actor and director’s respective bodies of work suggest what audiences can expect.

Although each film is completely different from the last, the caliber of director behind each project demonstrates Butler’s skill as an actor, while simultaneously building him up as one of his generation’s biggest stars. Furthermore, the quality of roles chosen demonstrates Butler’s proclivities for quality over quantity. Additionally, his starring role in Jeff Nichols’s period-piece drama, The Bikeriders, further demonstrates that Butler can excel with high-profile directors. While the details surrounding Butler’s upcoming collaboration with Aronofsky for Caught Stealing, both the actor and director’s respective bodies of work suggest what audiences can expect.

How Caught Stealing Will Be Different From Austin Butler’s Previous Movies

Caught Stealing will see Butler as a morally gray protagonist in a crime thriller.

Austin Butler as Elvis in Elvis

Caught Stealing is going to be the film adaptation of the Charlie Huston book of the same name. It is slated to see Butler as a burned out baseball player named Hank Thomspon who finds himself embroiled with organized crime in New York City during the ’90s. Whereas Butler’s previous films see him as either a good guy (The Dead Don’t Die) or a bad guy (Dune: Part 2), Caught Stealing will see him somewhere in between, as his character gets involved with crime mostly through circumstances. Austin Butler‘s upcoming collaboration inspires hope that he’ll maintain his five-year hot streak.

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